Racial Difference and Government Ideals

The Hellenic race was further sub-divided into 2 main groups, Ionians, from Mycenaeans, and Dorians; other groups including Aeolian, Lydian, Phrygian, Boeotian, Thracian, Macedonian and Cretan (Minoan) also existed. In addition, races of other origin such as the Persians, Sicels and Phoenicians also interfered in Greek affairs.

Athens belonged to the Ionians, who were considered “softer” than Dorians, of whom Sparta was a member; Corinth was Aeolian while other states such as Macedon, Thrace and Crete belonged to quasi-Hellenistic and semi-barbaric sub-races.

Generally, Ionians were democrats and Dorians oligarchs, but this was because of their respective leaders, Athens and Sparta.